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[Introduction]: the risk level of the epidemic in Shanghai can be queried through the special topic of the risk level of the epidemic. Switching cities can not only query the risk level of Shanghai, but also query the risk level of the epidemic in major cities across the country.

2021 Dragon Boat Festival Shanghai risk level query latest

I. State council client applet code query (click to enter)

The [epidemic risk level inquiry] provided by the National Health and Health Commission is launched on the client mini program of the State Council, and the epidemic risk level of nearly 3,000 counties (cities, districts and flags) in the country can be checked.

II. Risk level query of local treasure (http://m.gz.bendibao.com/news/yqdengji/)

Local Baoxin media self-made epidemic risk level query Portal, updated immediately to check the list of high-risk areas at any time.


How to divide epidemic risks?

Low-risk areas: there are no confirmed cases or no new confirmed cases for 14 consecutive days in the county and urban areas.

Medium-risk areas: There are newly confirmed cases within 14 days, the cumulative confirmed cases are no more than 50, or the cumulative confirmed cases are more than 50, and no aggregation epidemic occurs within 14 days.

High-risk areas: there are more than 50 confirmed cases in total, and a clustering epidemic occurred within 14 days.

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