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[Introduction]: the latest epidemic in New Year’s Day 2021 may include the official website of the State Council, WeChat mini program of “client of the State Council”, and special topics on risk level query of local treasure.

The domestic epidemic risk level inquiry system has been officially launched in the State Council client Mini Program, which can check the epidemic risk level of nearly 3,000 counties (cities, districts and flags) nationwide. Come and see how to query it.

2021 New Year’s Day epidemic risk level where to query?

1. Official website of the State Council: http://bmfw.www.gov.cn/yqfxdjcx/index.html

2. “state council client” mini program

3. Special topic of risk level of local treasure: http://m.gz.bendibao.com/news/yqdengji/

Reminder: If you switch to a city, you can query the latest risk levels across the country, and enter the district and county names for accurate query.

National epidemic risk classification:

Green-low risk

Yellow-medium risk

Red-High Risk