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[Introduction]: at present, all parts of Shanghai are low-risk areas of epidemic. According to the prevention and control measures issued by Shanghai provincial health committee, we will strengthen the tracking and management of inflow personnel in areas with severe epidemic and high-risk areas, do a good job in health monitoring and service.

Shanghai New Crown epidemic risk level can be checked online!

I. State council client applet code query (click to enter)

The [epidemic risk level inquiry] provided by the National Health and Health Commission is launched on the client mini program of the State Council, and the epidemic risk level of nearly 3,000 counties (cities, districts and flags) in the country can be checked.

II. Risk level query of local treasure (http://m.gz.bendibao.com/news/yqdengji/)

Local Baoxin media self-made epidemic risk level query Portal, updated immediately to check the list of high-risk areas at any time.

[Classification guidance for wearing masks in areas with low risk of covid-19 epidemic]]

Home, sports, outdoor, parks, tourist attractions, no need to wear masks;

Supermarket & shopping malls, restaurants, office buildings, conference rooms, workshops, campuses, etc., maintain a social safety distance of more than 1 meter, without wearing masks;

People in nursing homes, children’s welfare homes, mental health medical institutions and other special places do not need to wear masks, while staff and outsiders wear masks;

Relatively closed spaces such as theaters, amusement halls, Internet cafes, vehicles, etc., public place service personnel, hospital medical personnel, occupational exposure personnel, wearing masks;

People with confirmed, close connection, suspected and asymptomatic infection, entry, isolation, fever and cough and so on wear masks.