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[Introduction]: Shanghai Municipal Education Bureau released a letter to parents on July 5, 2021, proposing that parents and children try not to travel long distances across provinces.

A letter to parents

Dear Parents and Friends:

At present, the global Delta variant Coronavirus epidemic continues to spread, with local epidemics in some provinces and cities in China. Shanghai has also recently seen confirmed cases and asymptomatic infected persons. Epidemic prevention and control are facing changeable and complicated challenges. In order to ensure the life safety and health of parents and children and have a happy and peaceful holiday, we propose:

I. Scientific understanding of the epidemic. Pay more attention to the dynamic information of epidemic prevention and control released by the national, provincial and municipal authorities, including the information of medium and high risk levels and the action track of confirmed cases, so as to avoid slack, panic, disbelief and rumor.

Second, reduce gathering outside. Reduce unnecessary going out, try not to participate in gathering activities, and try not to visit. Avoid crowded places, reduce the number and time of meals outside, and reduce contact with public goods.

3. Arrange travel reasonably. Try not to travel long distances across provinces. In principle, do not leave the country or go to high-risk areas in domestic epidemic prevention and control or closed control management areas. If you must travel across regions, please be sure to understand the epidemic prevention and control situation and prevention and control policies in advance. Pay attention to personal hygiene during travel, wear masks throughout the whole process, do personal protection, and properly save travel notes for inquiry. At the same time, do a good job of personal and child health monitoring during travel.

IV. Cooperate with the implementation of prevention and control. Parents should educate students who need to stay in school affected by the epidemic to obey the school arrangement and cooperate with the implementation of various measures for epidemic prevention and control. Cooperate with the implementation of the morning and afternoon inspection system. Once symptoms of discomfort occur, report to the teacher and the designated contact person in time and seek medical treatment as soon as possible. If the family members living together have a high-risk area, a closed and controlled management area or a contact history of key personnel, please cooperate with the community (villages and towns) in nucleic acid testing, risk investigation, health and killing work, and take the initiative to report to the community, the work unit and the school where the child is located. At the same time, please pay attention to and implement the information prompt content released by the school, and cooperate with the school to do a good job in the investigation of holiday trends and health conditions.

5. Strengthen personal protection. Guide family members to stick to wearing masks scientifically, keep proper social distance, and develop good hygiene habits and lifestyles such as washing hands frequently, not touching, making public servings, dividing meals, paying attention to shelter when coughing and sneezing. Strengthen indoor window ventilation, keep air circulation, and do a good job of daily preventive disinfection. Personnel who meet the vaccination conditions of covid-19 vaccine should be vaccinated as soon as possible.

Six, do a good job in health monitoring. Avoid close contact between family members and people with respiratory tract infection symptoms (such as fever, cough or sneeze, runny nose, etc.) as much as possible. If family members have symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, hypoesthesia of taste, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, myalgia, conjunctivitis or diarrhea, please see a doctor as soon as possible, avoid taking public transportation as much as possible during medical treatment, and wear masks on the way to the hospital and in the hospital. In principle, teachers and students of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens should conduct self-health observation in SUI 14 days before the start of school, and teachers and students of colleges and secondary vocational schools should conduct self-health observation at least 14 days before the start of school.

VII. Develop regular schedules. Scientifically arrange holiday schedules to ensure adequate sleep time. Urge children to finish their physical homework seriously, carry out more outdoor activities, strengthen physical exercise, enhance their physical fitness and improve their resistance. Control the time when children use electronic products and guide them to develop good eye habits.

8. Create a warm atmosphere. The family is the “harbor of the heart” of the child, and the parents feel at ease while the child is at ease. Facing the pressure of life and work, parents and friends are invited to take care of themselves, actively learn to use psychological adjustment methods, adjust their emotions; Learn scientific parenting concepts and methods, rationally view and correctly handle all kinds of problems in the process of children’s growth. Through outing, sports and other parent-child activities, we can fully communicate with children, understand their thoughts and troubles, discuss and solve problems together, and create a warm and harmonious family atmosphere. If you encounter confusion in parenting, you can contact the teacher in time to communicate with your home and school. You can also call the psychological hotline to consult professional teachers for help and solve doubts in time.

Dear parents and friends, every child has a family, and every family has a mission. Let’s consciously implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements and do a good job of personal protection, help the whole city to do a good job of normalized epidemic prevention and control!

Shanghai Education Bureau

July 5, 2021

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