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[Introduction]: the 14th notice of Shanghai clearly states that the drivers and passengers of small cars who leave the province must hold a negative certificate of nucleic acid test within 72 hours.

Who are the drivers and passengers of small cars?

Small cars refer to cars with a total mass of no more than 4.5 tons, no more than 9 passengers (including drivers) or a length of less than 6m, specifically including cars and light trucks. Drivers and passengers refer to the drivers and peers of the car.

Circular No. 14 requires:

The drivers and passengers of small cars who are out of the province must hold a negative certificate of nucleic acid test within 72 hours for inspection.

Circular No. 13 requires:

In other areas of the city: Strictly implement various epidemic prevention and control measures, reduce personnel gathering, strictly supervise large-scale activities, strictly carry out festival activities, and try to adopt online methods for conference activities, in principle, large parties, dinners and other activities are not organized. Student children’s hosting institutions are closed, and training institutions are suspended offline teaching. Enter all indoor public places to implement reservation, peak shifting, temperature measurement, scanning (bright) code, wearing masks, entertainment places and other closed public places to limit the flow by 75% of the maximum reception capacity. Mental Health, old-age care, welfare, maternal and child service institutions, supervision offices, religious sites and other key places closed management. All traffic stations should strengthen the guidance of people flow, and public transportation tools such as buses, taxis, and online cars should be kept ventilated. Do a good job of personal protection scientifically, so as to wear masks, keep social distance, wash hands frequently and taking temperature.

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