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[Introduction]: for those who return to Shanghai in China, except for those from high-risk areas in the epidemic, there is no need to be isolated when returning to Shanghai in other areas. For those who enter the country abroad, the 14+7 isolation regulations shall be implemented immediately.

Can foreigners enter Shanghai now during the Spring Festival 2021?

Yes, but it is recommended that high-risk areas do not come to spike if necessary. In addition, before coming to spike, you must apply for “Guangdong Kang code” or “Sui Kang code” in advance “. For those who return to Shanghai from home, except for those from high-risk areas in the epidemic situation, the rest of them do not need to be isolated in principle; For those who enter Shanghai from abroad, centralized isolation medical observation will be carried out immediately regardless of nationality, centralized isolation medical observation food and accommodation costs themselves.

According to the “requirements for nucleic acid detection and health management of people who come to the ear and return to the ear” issued by Shanghai health committee on January 28, the specific contents are as follows:

>>2021 latest notice of Shanghai returning people (isolation + nucleic acid detection)

Shanghai province suggests to stay in Guangdong for the new year as much as possible

Sometimes, peace is a blessing. Your safety and health are the greatest expectations of your family. Shanghai is also your home. I hope you can stay in Guangdong for the new year as much as possible. Please believe that Party committees and governments at all levels, all sectors of society and enterprises will properly arrange your work and life, try their best to help solve practical difficulties, and let everyone spend a warm New Year in Shanghai.

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