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[Introduction]: After the isolation period in Shanghai, key groups can travel and work normally, but it is recommended not to go to places where people gather.

Can I go to other provinces to play after isolation in Shanghai?

After the isolation period expires, you can live, work and travel normally, but it is recommended not to go to places where people gather. There are different policies in various parts of the country. Before going there, you can call the destination community neighborhood committee or hotel and hostel in advance.

Shanghai proposes to reduce staff mobility during holidays

Minimize Travel. If not necessary, do not go to high-risk areas in China or outside China. If you really need to go out, please report to your village (community) and unit in advance, wear masks correctly throughout the whole process, do personal protection on the way, and try not to go to crowded and closed places.

Without organizing large-scale collective activities, the passenger flow in scenic spots and entertainment places should not exceed 75% of the maximum carrying capacity, reducing group gathering activities such as wedding banquets; Try to reduce family private parties and dinners, and the number of people should be controlled below 10, people with respiratory symptoms such as influenza cannot participate.

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