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[Introduction]: at present, the epidemic situation in Shanghai is under normal management. People who need to go home during the Spring Festival holiday in 2021 should try their best to arrange a holiday in advance.

Can I leave Shanghai and go back to my hometown during the New Year of 2021?

Yes, it is not forbidden to leave the ear during the Spring Festival in 2021. However, if the destination is a high-risk area in the domestic epidemic, it is not recommended to return home if necessary. Those who need to go home for the Spring Festival can arrange a holiday in advance, and don’t all go to the Spring Festival peak for a few days. If you don’t go home, don’t go back for the time being, so as to avoid congestion, it also avoids possible cross-infection problems.

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As we all know, after the outbreak last year, there were limited regulations everywhere. Although the situation has improved now, as the Spring Festival approaches, people are worried more. People who go out to work have seen the recent situation and are worried that this year will be the same as last year, so they can only celebrate the festival in the same place. On January 1st, academician Bo-Li Zhang of the Chinese Academy of Engineering said that on the National Day last year, hundreds of millions of people were flowing and there was nothing to do, but the Spring Festival was flowing, “no”.

Bo-Li Zhang said that because it is cold season, it is very suitable for virus survival. By the end of February, epidemic prevention was crucial. It was over, and the spring was warm and blooming. Coupled with the popularization of new coronavirus vaccine, the epidemic prevention situation would basically improve and even achieve a decisive victory.

No matter whether you return or not, personal protection is the first thing! Insist on washing hands frequently, wearing masks, and gathering less!