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[Introduction]: Shanghai can go to low-risk areas. In principle, we should try our best to avoid visiting high-risk areas in the domestic epidemic, but we can freely come and go between low-risk areas.

Can Shanghai go to low-risk areas?

Shanghai can go to low-risk areas. Attention should be paid to those returning home. Nucleic acid testing may be required when returning home! You can consult the local epidemic prevention department for details.

Three types of people need to return home with a negative nucleic acid test within 7 days, which is stipulated to be implemented from the beginning of the Spring Festival on January 28 to the end of the Spring Festival on March 8. The three groups mainly include: first, returning people across provinces; Second, returning people from the cities where the middle and high risk areas are located in the province (the internal personnel in the middle and high risk areas do not move in principle); third, the personnel in high-risk areas in the province, the personnel after the isolation of entry, the drivers of cross-border trucks in Guangdong and Hong Kong, the crew of small ships traveling to and from Hong Kong and Macao and the floating fishermen in Hong Kong and Macao (including mainland fishermen), workers in isolated places, fever clinic staff, direct contact with imported cold chain food and imported goods related staff, international flight crew and other key groups. (Click to view details)

People in low-risk areas of some cities in Henan province also need to be isolated and tested for nucleic acid when returning home.

Puyang city, Henan province: villagers returning to Pu in low-risk areas should consciously observe the 14-day home observation measures, and actively cooperate with the village (community) to do health monitoring. Do not go out before the expiration.

Qinyang, Jiaozuo city, Henan province: people from low-risk areas (returning) to Qin, actively cooperate with the village (Street) to do health monitoring and other epidemic prevention measures, such as fever, fatigue, dry cough and other symptoms, report to the village committee at the first time and go to the fever clinic nearby. All the people who came (returned) to Qin did not visit, party or have dinner within 14 days, and did not go to places where people gathered in theaters, supermarkets and internet cafes, strictly observing the epidemic prevention and control measures.

Qinyang Xiuwu, Jiaozuo city, Henan province: the inspection office of Xiuwu county Party committee, Jiaozuo city, Henan province replied on the message board of the leaders of People’s Daily Online on January 8: We recommend that we do not return home without necessity. If we really need to return home, we must carry nucleic acid test certificates within nearly 7 days, report to the village and community 2 days in advance, and wear masks all the way back home.

All counties and districts in Zhumadian, Henan province: those returning home in low-risk areas should consciously carry out 7-day home isolation measures. During the home isolation period, they will not have dinner or receive visiting relatives and friends. Nucleic acid testing will be conducted one day before the end. Do not go to karaoke bars, cinemas and other places with poor indoor ventilation and intensive personnel within 14 days after returning home.

Note: The above information is the latest content of Zhumadian counties and districts as of January 11, 2021. if you have the latest policy in the future, please refer to the news from the local epidemic prevention and control headquarters!

More clear: Returning people need to hold a negative certificate of nucleic acid test

Longxi county, Gansu province

Some netizens consulted on the government website of Longxi county, Gansu province. Do they need nucleic acid testing when returning home from Xishan district, Kunming city, Yunnan province recently?

The office of the People’s Government of Longxi county replied on January 5 that according to the risk level, the classification and accurate control requirements are implemented. At present, Xishan district in Kunming city, Yunnan province is a low-risk area. Please bring the negative certificate of nucleic acid test within 7 days and go out safely and orderly after arriving in Longxi to cooperate with the village epidemic prevention staff to do information registration and other work.

Xiuwu county, Jiaozuo city, Henan province

Some netizens asked on the message board of People’s Daily Online leaders that they now live in Chengdu and didn’t go back last year. They went home this year and have been located in low-risk areas. Do you need any procedures or certificates to go home?

The inspection office of Xiuwu county Party committee in Jiaozuo city, Henan province replied on January 8 that we proposed not to return home without necessity. If we really need to return home, we should carry the nucleic acid test certificate within the past 7 days and report it to the village and community 2 days in advance, wear masks all the way back home. If you repair from overseas and high-risk areas, you must cooperate with the implementation of “7+7” and “2+1” control measures, that is, centralized isolation for 7 days and one nucleic acid and serum test, then home isolation for 7 days and one nucleic acid test.

Funan county, Anhui

Some netizens asked questions on the website of the government of Funan county, Anhui province. Are traveling and studying abroad counted as migrant workers? Do low-risk areas need nucleic acid test certificates to return to Funan for New Year? Is it after going back to test, or is there a negative certificate of nucleic acid test before going back? Do you still need nucleic acid tests to prove that you have received the new Crown vaccine?

Funan county health committee responded on January 5 that it was understood that Funan County has not introduced relevant prevention and control measures such as prohibiting personnel flow and gathering, and does not distinguish between medium and low risk areas, migrant workers outside the province will carry nucleic acid test certificates within seven days from January 1, which indicates that they can normally carry activities in the county. Nucleic acid test certificates are also required for injection of new Crown vaccines. At present, it is recommended to conduct nucleic acid tests for students returning home.

Qinhuangdao, Hebei

On January 9, the Office of the leading group of Qinhuangdao City to deal with the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic announced that in order to accurately prevent and control the epidemic and effectively prevent the input and spread of the epidemic, nucleic acid testing was carried out for the personnel coming back to Qin.

The notice pointed out that from January 10 to February 26 (lunar January 15), all personnel who came from other places to Qin and returned to Qin must conduct nucleic acid tests. Nucleic acid testing has been done within 72 hours before Qin’s arrival. If the nucleic acid test is negative, nucleic acid testing is not allowed.

Hulunbeier, Inner Mongolia

It is worth noting that Hulunbeier city in Inner Mongolia has also strengthened the health management of personnel returning to the city from low-risk areas recently, and further strict control. According to the latest announcement No. 17 issued by the new coronavirus infection pneumonia prevention and control headquarters in Hulunbeier city, if an epidemic occurs in two or more cities in a certain province in China, in all low-risk areas of the province, the returning personnel must provide the negative certificate of nucleic acid test within 7 days or show the health pass code containing the negative information of nucleic acid test within 7 days.

Those who cannot be provided need to be isolated in a centralized manner at the first time, and nucleic acid detection should be completed within 24 hours. Those who are negative in nucleic acid detection can flow orderly. In addition, if the risk level of the returnee cannot be accurately defined, anyone who has a history of living in the county where the high-risk area is located in the epidemic will be regarded as the returnee in the high-risk area.

Huangmei county, Huanggang city, Hubei province

According to the announcement No. 55 of the prevention and control work headquarters of Xinguan pneumonia in Huangmei county, it is really necessary to return home if it is necessary to advocate that workers and migrant workers stay in their places of work and take holidays in their places of work, please report to the village (community) 3 days in advance, return home with the negative certificate of effective nucleic acid test within 7 days, and cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control management in our county. If the negative certificate of valid nucleic acid test is not held, the test and other related expenses will be borne by yourself.

At the same time, it is suggested that personnel from overseas and domestic high-risk areas should not come to Mei to return to Mei in the near future. If not necessary, residents should not go to overseas and domestic high-risk areas. People who come to Mei and return to Mei outside China should strictly abide by the prevention and control requirements of “centralized isolation for 14 days in the place of entry + home isolation for 14 days in Mei.

Return to Guangdong from low-risk areas

For people from areas with low risk of epidemic, normal body temperature test can travel, live and work normally. For effective epidemic prevention, personnel from Shunyi district and Chaoyang district of Beijing may need to cooperate with epidemic prevention workers for nucleic acid testing.


  Please check the high-risk areas in advance during the process of returning home, understand the corresponding local homecoming isolation and nucleic acid detection policies, and ensure safe return home!

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