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[Introduction]: the prevention and control work plan for the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival in 2022 clearly and strictly restricts the travel to medium and high-risk areas, and the announcement No. 28 of Shanghai also makes it clear that it is unnecessary not to go to medium and high-risk areas.

Can Shanghai go to medium-risk areas?

The work plan for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic during the Spring Festival of New Year’s Day 2022 clearly states:

Strictly restrict access to medium and high-risk areas and counties (cities, districts, flags), and do not necessarily go to other counties (cities, districts, flags) where medium and high-risk areas are located.

“Notice of Shanghai new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters on strengthening the prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in our city (No. 28)” clearly:

In the near future, it is not necessary to go to high-risk areas and areas where local positive infection is reported.

➤ regulations on back spike isolation in medium risk areas

1. Implement “home isolation for 14 days” for those who live in the middle-risk areas (or those who need to refer to the management of the middle-risk areas after assessment), in the first, nucleic acid detection was carried out in 4, 7, 10 and 14 days.

2. If there are local positive cases but not divided into medium and high risk areas, if the current infection source is unknown or community transmission occurs, the district (county-level city) where the positive cases are located shall refer to the management of medium and high risk areas.

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