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[Introduction]: from 0:00 to 24:00 on December 20, 20202020, a new case of asymptomatic covid-19 infection was added in Dongyong, Nansha district. The focus of the investigation of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Nansha district was the Dongyong residential committee in Nansha district, etc.

Can you still go to work for the new Crown epidemic in Dongyong, Nansha, Shanghai?

In addition to the key investigation scope of Dongyong neighborhood committee in Nansha district, Shanghai, other villages and towns unrelated to the current epidemic can travel, live and work normally. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Nansha district reminds the general public to actively cooperate with relevant departments to deal with the epidemic, further improve personal protection, scientifically wear masks, wash hands frequently, keep the wind frequently, keep social distance, and cooperate with health monitoring, if you have discomfort symptoms such as fever, you should take protective measures to avoid taking public transportation as much as possible and go to the fever clinic of the nearest medical institution as soon as possible.

Shanghai Nansha added a new case of local asymptomatic infection, which is an isolated hotel staff.

According to @ Shanghai South sofa slipcover news, on December 20, 202020, in the routine monitoring of the staff of the inbound isolation hotel in Nansha district, Shanghai, a case of nucleic acid positive person with new Crown pneumonia was found, Wu, female, 31 years old, the entry staff isolated the staff of the hotel Pulin hotel. The expert group determined that it was a asymptomatic covid-19 infection. On November 28 and December 4 and 11, Wu’s three nucleic acid tests were all negative.

Shanghai added 131 nucleic acid negative per person without symptoms

As of 21:00 on the 20th, 131 close contacts of asymptomatic infected Wu had negative nucleic acid test results, including 47 staff of Pulin hotel and 3 family members of infected persons. At the same time, nucleic acid tests have been carried out on key areas such as Tung Chung neighborhood committee, with a total of 52661 people sampled, basically covering the working hotel location, residence and surrounding areas of infected persons.

Insist on scientific wearing masks

Develop the habit of wearing masks with you, and insist on wearing masks in crowded places and places with insufficient ventilation. Take public transportation, elevators and other closed spaces, go to the hospital for treatment, patients with fever or respiratory tract infection diseases, and engage in high-risk exposed personnel such as medical and health care, transportation, etc., should wear masks correctly. It is recommended to wear masks when elderly, weak and patients with chronic diseases go out.

Insist on strengthening personal hygiene

Wash your hands frequently, wash your hands with soap or hand sanitizer and flowing water, or disinfect them with hand disinfectant. Do not touch the mouth, eyes and nose with your hands before cleaning them. Cover your elbows or tissues when coughing or sneezing. Do not spit anywhere, and the saliva and nose secretions are wrapped in tissue and discarded in the dustbin.