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[Introduction]: from May 31, the whole area of Baihedong Street and Zhongnan Street will be managed in a closed manner. Since May 29, Hailong Street, Dongyi Street and Chongkou Street are not allowed to go out except for one person per household who is limited to going out to buy necessities every day.

Baihedong Street and Zhongnan Street: Global closed management

From May 31, 2021,Closed management of Baihedong Street and Zhongnan Street.

During the implementation period, the whole area will be blocked, all public places in the area will be closed, and people will be prohibited from entering and leaving. Strict health management measures must be done without leaving home, and daily necessary items should be distributed by local streets. It is hoped that the general public will consciously abide by relevant regulations, do a good job in home health management, and consciously cooperate with prevention and control measures such as access control, temperature measurement, registration, disinfection, nucleic acid detection, etc. If you refuse to cooperate without proper reasons, hinder the prevention and control of the epidemic or cause other serious consequences, you need to bear corresponding legal responsibilities according to law.

In case of emergency, please call the 24-hour duty number: Baihedong Street: 81800393; Zhongnan Street: 81504520.

Hailong Street, Dongyi Street, Chongkou Street:

From May 29, 2021, all personnel in the above-mentioned areas mainly focus on home and stop all activities that are not necessary for daily life,Except for one person to go out to buy daily necessities per household, other personnel are not allowed to go out..

Entertainment venues, indoor cultural stadiums, wholesale markets (except farmers markets), and student and children hosting institutions are all closed, kindergartens and training institutions suspend offline teaching, and catering places prohibit Hall food.

Schools (except grade 3 and grade 3 with accommodation and fully enclosed management conditions) suspend offline teaching. If Grade 3 and grade 3 have accommodation conditions, fully enclosed management shall be implemented in schools without accommodation conditions, carry out online teaching at home.

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