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[Introduction]: on December 20, the staff of the isolated hotel in Nansha district of Shanghai conducted regular inspections, and found that one case of coronavirus nucleic acid was initially screened positive, which was determined by the expert group as asymptomatic covid-19 infection.

Do I need to be isolated from other places in Nansha district of Shanghai?

The regulations on the isolation of Shanghai to other places are subject to the destination policy. The regulations vary from place to place. It is recommended to call before you go to consult whether Shanghai needs isolation in the past. The consultation hotline for isolation regulations across the country is: Area code +12345 government service hotline. As of December 20, 202020, the epidemic risk levels in Nansha district of Shanghai were all low.

Small popular science for asymptomatic infected persons:

Asymptomatic coronavirus infection refers to symptoms and signs that are self-perceived or clinically identifiable without relevant clinical manifestations, such as fever, cough, sore throat, etc, however, the pathogenic detection of coronavirus in respiratory tract and other specimens is positive. Asymptomatic infected persons have two situations:

First, after 14 days of isolated medical observation, there are no symptoms and signs that can be self-perceived or clinically recognized;

The second is the “asymptomatic infection” state in the incubation period.

Asymptomatic infected persons are infectious and have the risk of transmission.