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[Introduction]: according to the domestic epidemic prevention and control policy, in principle, low-risk areas do not need to be isolated across provinces. However, some cities require people from low-risk areas to return home, and they also need to be isolated at home for 14 or 7 days.

Do low-risk areas need to be isolated across provinces?

On January 20, the press conference of the joint defense and joint control mechanism of the State Council: Returning people need to hold the negative certificate of nucleic acid test within 7 days.

Even returning from low-risk areas requires nucleic acid testing and isolation. Previously, Puyang city, Hebei province and Zhumadian counties require people from low-risk areas to return home and need to be isolated at home for 14 or 7 days.

Who needs nucleic acid testing?

Three categories issued by the National Health and Health Commission: ① returning people across provinces; ② returning people from the cities where the high-risk areas in the province are located (the internal personnel in the high-risk areas are not mobile in principle); (3) key groups such as imported cold chain food practitioners in the province, direct contact with imported goods practitioners at ports, workers in isolated places, and employees of transportation tools.

8 Categories in Shanghai province: ① personnel in high and medium risk areas; ② personnel after the isolation of entry; ③ drivers of cross-border trucks in Guangdong and Hong Kong; ④ crew of small ships traveling to and from Hong Kong and Macao and floating fishermen in Hong Kong and Macao (including mainland fishermen);⑤ staff in isolated places; ⑥ staff in fever clinic; ⑦ staff in direct contact with imported cold chain food and imported goods; ⑧ crew of international flight.

The specific implementation plan should be combined with local policies.

If you want to know the policy of returning home to all parts of the country during the Spring Festival (if you don’t want to return, what are the requirements), please click the picture link below to query, you can also check the latest regulations on entering and leaving Shanghai before and after the Spring Festival (whether isolation/nucleic acid testing is required).

Check the entrance of the Spring Festival return policy across the country: click to enter


Check the entrance of the Spring Festival isolation policy across the country: click to enter



  Please check the high-risk areas in advance during the process of returning home, understand the corresponding local homecoming isolation and nucleic acid detection policies, and ensure safe return home!

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