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[Introduction]: all parts of Shanghai are currently low-risk areas. Generally, there is no need to isolate Shanghai from other places. However, some provinces need nucleic acid testing for migrant workers returning home during the new year. Some areas in Henan province require low-risk personnel to be isolated.

Do you want to isolate Shanghai from other provinces now?

At present, all parts of Shanghai are low-risk areas of the epidemic. According to the domestic epidemic prevention and control policy, the flow of people and goods between low-risk areas and the necessary health certificates should be mutually recognized throughout the country, and obstacles should not be set up, no quarantine measures shall be taken for personnel. Therefore, in general, there is no need to isolate Shanghai from other places. It is worth mentioning that some areas in Henan province require low-risk personnel to be isolated.

At present, the global epidemic of covid-19 is accelerating, and virus mutations are found in many countries. The domestic epidemic is sporadic and partially aggregated, and the prevention and control situation is grim. As the Spring Festival approaches, the flow of people and Logistics Plus-sized, the gathering of personnel will increase, and the risk of epidemic input and transmission will increase. In order to prevent and control the epidemic in winter and spring, especially during the Spring Festival, people’s life safety and health will be guaranteed.

People in low-risk areas of some cities in Henan province also need to be isolated and tested for nucleic acid when returning home.

Puyang city, Henan province: villagers returning to Pu in low-risk areas should consciously observe the 14-day home observation measures, and actively cooperate with the village (community) to do health monitoring. Do not go out before the expiration.

Qinyang, Jiaozuo city, Henan province: people from low-risk areas (returning) to Qin, actively cooperate with the village (Street) to do health monitoring and other epidemic prevention measures, such as fever, fatigue, dry cough and other symptoms, report to the village committee at the first time and go to the fever clinic nearby. All the people who came (returned) to Qin did not visit, party or have dinner within 14 days, and did not go to places where people gathered in theaters, supermarkets and internet cafes, strictly observing the epidemic prevention and control measures.

Qinyang Xiuwu, Jiaozuo city, Henan province: the inspection office of Xiuwu county Party committee, Jiaozuo city, Henan province replied on the message board of the leaders of People’s Daily Online on January 8: We recommend that we do not return home without necessity. If we really need to return home, we must carry nucleic acid test certificates within nearly 7 days, report to the village and community 2 days in advance, and wear masks all the way back home.

All counties and districts in Zhumadian, Henan province: those returning home in low-risk areas should consciously carry out 7-day home isolation measures. During the home isolation period, they will not have dinner or receive visiting relatives and friends. Nucleic acid testing will be conducted one day before the end. Do not go to karaoke bars, cinemas and other places with poor indoor ventilation and intensive personnel within 14 days after returning home.

Note: The above information is the latest content of Zhumadian counties and districts as of January 11, 2021. if you have the latest policy in the future, please refer to the news from the local epidemic prevention and control headquarters!

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