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[Introduction]: you need to apply for a health code in advance when Xingtai arrives in Shanghai. The two-dimensional code of personal health launched in Shanghai is “Suikang code”, which is used as a health certificate during the epidemic prevention and control period of the person holding the code to judge the health risk level of the person and the dynamic health certification.

Do Xingtai need a health code to come to Shanghai?

Required. “Suikang code” is a personal health QR code launched in Shanghai, which is generated by WeChat “Suikang” mini program as a health certificate during the epidemic prevention and control of code holders, it is used to judge the health risk level of personnel and dynamic health certification.


Change to yellow code:

Notice on Strengthening nucleic acid testing and screening of personnel involved in key areas and places (No. 19) specifies that according to the current epidemiological investigation, such as citizensActivities and stays in key areas and areas near places where confirmed cases and asymptomatic infected persons have stayed, and there may be exposure risks., the health code will be included in the yellow code range.

What if it turns yellow code?

Please set the health code to yellow code, or go to relevant key areas and places (see details) during the risk period, or people who may have been exposed to positive cases and close contacts since May 14,Contact the staff of the nearest street (community) immediately, and carry the co-resident personnel to the nearest nucleic acid detection site for free nucleic acid detection.At the same time, actively cooperate with the epidemiological investigation.

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