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[Introduction]: if people from low-risk areas enter and exit Shanghai, they can travel, live and work normally with the green code of “Guangdong Kang code” or “Sui Kang code” blue and green code.

Friday, December 25, 2020 is Christmas. Christmas is also called Jesus Christmas, the birthday of the Lord, and Catholicism is also called Jesus Christmas. So do you need to be isolated when entering and leaving Shanghai at Christmas?

According to the guidelines for the normalization of prevention and control of covid-19 epidemic in communities in Shanghai Province (III) personnel Health Management, Shanghai is implemented in accordance with provincial regulations.

High-risk areas: for those who have lived in high-risk areas of the epidemic in the past 14 days, they should report to the local health department, contact the centralized isolation point designated by the community or unit for 14 days, and in the first, nucleic acid detection was performed in 14 days.

Medium-risk areas: in principle, for those who have lived in areas with epidemic risks in the past 14 days, they have been observed for 14 days since they arrived in Guangdong, and nucleic acid testing was conducted on the day they arrived in Guangdong. Strictly implement the medical observation requirements of home isolation, consciously accept community management, namely “four ones”, issue a health notice, conduct a health inquiry, and check a health pass code, nucleic acid test was conducted on the day of arrival in Guangdong.

Low-risk areas: for people from low-risk areas with epidemic, normal body temperature testing can travel, live and work normally.

Note: The above information is for reference only. The specific regulations are subject to the release of Shanghai Health Care Commission, and the Shanghai isolation policy consultation hotline is 020-12345.