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[Introduction]: according to the policy, those who come to Shanghai from high-risk areas in China during the New Year’s Day 2021 need nucleic acid testing; Those who come to Shanghai from low-risk areas do not need nucleic acid testing.

Do you need nucleic acid tests to travel to Shanghai on New Year’s Day 2021?

According to the official website of Shanghai provincial health committee, guidelines for the normalization of prevention and control of New Coronavirus epidemic in Shanghai provincial communities: for people from high-risk areas in the epidemic, nucleic acid testing is required on the day of the epidemic; for people from low-risk areas with “Guangdong Kang code” green code or “Sui Kang code” blue and green code, the body temperature test is normal (less than ℃), they can travel, live, work.

Note: The specific isolation and nucleic acid detection measures shall be subject to the regulations of Shanghai Health Commission, and the Shanghai government service hotline is 020-12345.

List of high-risk areas in domestic epidemic (as of 9:00 on December 18, 2020)  

High-risk areas: 0

Medium risk areas: 14

Hulunbeier city, Inner Mongolia autonomous region (3):

North District subdistrict office of Manzhouli city

The fourth subdistrict office of zachonor District

Third Street, zachonor District

Chengdu (6):

Eight groups of settlements in eight-step Bridge Community, sandaoyan town, Qindu District (new)

Xichi community group 2, Xipu Street, Qindu District

Lidu district piguan street pineapple Community China railway Orville Phase II and Phase III

Taiping village, piguan Street, Qidu District

Group 8, Yong’an village, tangchang town, Qindu District

Huadu yunjingtai community, Cui Jiadian, Chenghua District

Heilongjiang province (4):

Qingyun residential area, Suifenhe city, Heilongjiang province

Dongning central community, Heilongjiang province

Hairong fuhuayuan residential area, Suifenhe city, Heilongjiang province

Railway complex building, locomotive depot, Suifenhe city, Heilongjiang province

Xinjiang province (1):

Hongdun residential area, gaichang district, Turpan city