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[Introduction]: You do not need to apply for a pass or health certificate to enter Shanghai. Dalian personnel only need to apply for Guangdong Kang code or Sui Kang code in advance.

Do you want a pass health certificate from Dalian to Shanghai?

No need. Those from Dalian to Shanghai only need to apply for “Guangdong Kang code” or “Sui Kang code” in advance “. People from low-risk areas of Dalian epidemic situation hold electronic health codes such as “Guangdong health code” and “green code”. If the body temperature test is normal, they do not need to be isolated for 14 days and do not need to prepare a health certificate. In principle, people from the high-risk areas of Dalian epidemic began to observe the medical isolation at home for 14 days, and conducted nucleic acid tests on the day of the epidemic.

High risk level of Dalian epidemic (as of December 22, 2020)

High risk: None

Medium Risk: Jindong Road Community, Guangzhong Street, Ghimpu New District, Dalian city, Jinrun District B, Advanced Street, Ghimpu New District, Dalian city

The electronic health code is based on real data. Citizens or rework returning personnel can report it online by themselves. After being reviewed in the background, the QR code belonging to individuals can be generated. The QR code is used as an electronic certificate for individuals to enter and exit in the local area, realizing a declaration, which is common in the whole city. The launch of the health code aims to make the resumption of work and production more accurate, scientific and orderly.