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[Introduction]: Dongyong neighborhood committee of Nansha district and others determined as the key investigation scope. The new Crown pneumonia prevention and control headquarters of Nansha district quickly organized nucleic acid testing and screening for key population.

Nucleic acid detection range:

After receiving the report, the new coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control headquarters in Nansha district immediately launched the working mechanism of emergency response to the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, organized and carried out a comprehensive and detailed epidemiological investigation, and determined that Dongyong residential committee and others were the key investigation scope, quickly organize and carry out nucleic acid testing and screening for key populations.

Nucleic acid testing hospital in Nansha district:

List of nucleic acid detection institutions in Nansha district, Shanghai

Latest epidemic situation:

On December 20, 202020, in the routine monitoring of the staff of the inbound isolation hotel in Nansha district, Shanghai, a case of nucleic acid positive for covid-19 was found, Wu Mou, female, 31 years old, entry personnel isolate the staff of the hotel Pulin hotel. The expert group determined that it was a asymptomatic covid-19 infection. On November 28 and December 4 and 11, Wu’s three nucleic acid tests were all negative.

Defense measures:

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Nansha district reminds the general public to actively cooperate with relevant departments to deal with the epidemic, further improve personal protection, scientifically wear masks, wash hands frequently, keep the wind frequently, keep social distance, and cooperate with health monitoring, if you have discomfort symptoms such as fever, you should take protective measures to avoid taking public transportation as much as possible and go to the fever clinic of the nearest medical institution as soon as possible.