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[Introduction]: There is no need to declare the Dalian epidemic back to Shanghai, but Dalian Epidemic Prevention and Control Command regulations, in principle, the relevant personnel in the risk area can not leave Dalian.

Do you want to declare the Dalian epidemic back to Shanghai?

No need. As of December 22, 202020, Zone B, Jinrun community, Advanced Street, Ghimpu New District, Dalian, and Jindong Road Community, Guangzhong Street, Ghimpu New District, Dalian are medium risk areas. People in medium-risk areas need to apply for “Sui Kang code” or “Yue Kang code” in advance when they come to Sui Sui, implement community health management, and implement 14-day home isolation medical observation as appropriate, that is, “three ones”, issue a health notice, carry out a health inquiry, check a health pass code, and conduct nucleic acid test on the day when arriving in Shanghai.

Liaoning province added 2 confirmed cases of local new coronavirus pneumonia and 6 new cases of local asymptomatic infected persons.

From 0:00 to 24:00 on December 21, two new confirmed cases of local covid-19 in Liaoning province were all common cases. Six new cases of local asymptomatic infected persons were reported in Dalian. No new cured discharged cases were found.

As of 24:00 on December 21, 294 confirmed cases (including 65 imported overseas cases) were reported in the whole province, 287 cases were cured and discharged, 2 cases died, and 5 cases were treated in hospital. At present, there are still 13 asymptomatic infected persons in designated hospitals for isolation treatment.