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[Introduction]: if it is from the middle and high-risk areas in Hebei to Shanghai in the past 14 days, nucleic acid testing will be carried out on the day of heading.

➤ Shijiazhuang 1 is adjusted to medium risk area

According to the requirements of the State Council on Scientific Division, precise prevention and control of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, Hezhuang village in Shijiazhuang city Shenze county has been adjusted to a medium-risk area since November 1, 2021. Other areas in the province are low-risk areas.

Does Hebei need nucleic acid testing to Shanghai?

According to the regulations of Shanghai CDC:

1. For those who have a history of living in areas with moderate risks, the people who come back (return): implement “home isolation 14 days and nucleic acid detection”.

2. People who have a history of living in prefecture-level cities (or districts of municipalities directly under the central government) where local positive cases are reported: implement “three days and two inspections” and 14 days home health monitoring, that is, nucleic acid detection is detected twice within three days.

3. People who have a local positive case to report the history of residence in the province (return): it is recommended to hold the nucleic acid results for 48 hours, and do a nucleic acid test at the airport railway station or nearby after heading, and self-health monitoring for 14 days.


1. Due to the changeable epidemic situation in China, the epidemic prevention measures will be adjusted due to the changes in the epidemic situation. It is suggested to consult the destination community before heading, and the community arrangement guidelines shall prevail.

2. Home isolation: single family, can not go out;

Home health monitoring: if not necessary, do not go out, specifically follow the community arrangement;

Self-health monitoring: Once fever, dry cough, fatigue, olfactory and taste loss, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, conjunctivitis, myalgia, diarrhea and other discomfort symptoms occur, it should immediately report to the resident committee (Village Committee), the unit or hotel where you are staying, go to the fever clinic in time.

3. Foreign (returning) ear personnel in other provinces suggest to take the initiative to do a nucleic acid test, including municipalities directly under the central government.