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[Introduction]: The Spring Festival of 2021 is coming. For those who leave Shanghai and return home, there is no need to do nucleic acid testing, but different policies are different, some cities in China require personnel from low-risk areas to provide a negative certificate of nucleic acid test valid for 7 days when they return.

Does Shanghai 2021 need nucleic acid testing when returning home during the Spring Festival?

Different policies across the country require one-on-one inquiry of the rules for returning home. The editor recommended the topic of nucleic acid detection policy inquiry for local treasure all over the country. The following system can check the latest regulations on entering and exiting spikes before and after the Spring Festival (whether isolation/nucleic acid detection is required).

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Strengthen Personal Protection

We hope that the general public will strengthen self-protection and maintain good habits such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently and “one-meter line. Masks should be worn in crowded places, places with poor ventilation and medical institutions. When taking public transportation, keep the distance with other passengers consciously, open the table and chair space when eating, and use serving spoon public chopsticks.

[Shanghai return regulations]]

  Currently, it is implemented in accordance with the regulations of Shanghai province,The following provisions are not limited to returning to rural areas:

1. Return from low-risk areas: you must show the green code or Blue Code of Suikang code and the Green code of Guangdong Kang code. The body temperature test can be normal for normal travel, life and work.

2. Return from high-risk areas: report within 12 hours after arriving in Guangdong and carry out “four ones” health management. High-risk areas need to be isolated for 14 days, and medium-risk areas need to be isolated for 14 days at home.

3. The following personnel must provide nucleic acid test certificates within 7 days: personnel from medium and high risk areas, personnel after immigration and isolation, drivers of cross-border trucks in Guangdong and Hong Kong, crew of small ships from Hong Kong and Macao and Hong Kong and Macao floating fishermen (including mainland fishermen), workers in isolated places, workers in fever clinics, workers in direct contact with imported cold chain food and imported goods, international flight crew and other eight key groups returning home.