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[Introduction]: at present, the epidemic situation in Shanghai is under normal management. People who need to go home during the Spring Festival holiday in 2021 should try their best to arrange a holiday in advance.

Does Shanghai Spring save energy and go home in 2021?

OK. At present, the epidemic situation in Shanghai is under normal management. Shanghai citizens with normal body temperature can return home to celebrate the new year. In addition, some cities such as Wuhan and Huangmei county require people from low-risk areas to return home. They need to hold a nucleic acid negative certificate within 7 days. It is recommended to call the destination Street office or the hotel front desk before departure.

Since entering the winter, the domestic epidemic has been distributed sporadically. At the 2020 China Haikou international development conference on integration of traditional Chinese medicine production and education held on December 17, Bo-Li Zhang, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said, I hope all relevant departments can arrange the return vacation time for this Spring Festival in advance and make plans in advance:

1. Those who need to go home for the Spring Festival can arrange a holiday in advance, and don’t all go to the Spring Festival peak for a holiday;

2. If you don’t go home, don’t go back for the time being. This avoids congestion and possible cross infection.

Academician Bo-Li Zhang said that there will be no more epidemic like Wuhan at the beginning of this year. Everyone can rest assured that a peaceful and happy spring festival will definitely be achieved.

Everyone should do a good job of personal protection in the process of returning home during the Spring Festival.

Zeng Guang, a member of the high-level expert group of the National Health Commission and the chief scientist of the epidemic pre-school of China CDC, said:

1. For example, when taking a train or plane, you should wear a mask all the way. If you find that the person next to you does not wear a mask, you should also remind him to wear a mask;

2. Pay attention to personal hygiene in the car. Cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze. If you find that your body temperature is too high, report it in time;

3. Now there is disinfectant in stations, airports, trains and planes. Wash your hands frequently.

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