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[Introduction]: As of December 16, 20202020, Qingyun community, Hairong fuhuayuan community, locomotive depot railway complex building, etc. in Suifenhe city, Heilongjiang province are the risk areas in the epidemic.

Does Suifenhe need to be isolated from Shanghai?

As of December 16, 202020, Qingyun community, Hairong fuhuayuan community, railway complex building of locomotive depot, etc. in Suifenhe city, Heilongjiang province are the risk areas in the epidemic. According to the “Guidelines for the normalization of the prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic in communities in Shanghai Province” (III) personnel health management regulations:

Risk areas in Suifenhe city

In order to effectively prevent epidemic, the above staff who come (return) to the ear may need to cooperate with the epidemic prevention staff for nucleic acid detection. Take community health management, issue a health notice, carry out a health inquiry, check a health code, and test a nucleic acid. In principle, carry out home isolation medical observation for 14 days since arriving in Guangdong.

Low risk areas in Suifenhe city

People from low-risk areas with “Guangdong Kang code” green code or “Sui Kang code” blue and green code can travel and work normally without isolation and nucleic acid test.

Note: The specific isolation and nucleic acid detection measures shall be subject to the regulations of Shanghai provincial health committee, and the isolation policy consultation hotline of Shanghai provinces and cities is “area code-12345”.

Suifenhe added a local asymptomatic kindergarten teacher

According to Heilongjiang provincial health committee, from 0:00 to 24:00 on the 15th, there were no new confirmed cases of covid-19 in Heilongjiang province, and one new asymptomatic infected person (Suifenhe city). As of 24:00 on December 15, there were 11 confirmed cases in Heilongjiang (2 in Dongning City, 8 in Suifenhe city and 1 in Tahe County), there are 3 asymptomatic infected patients (3 local cases in Suifenhe city).

Asymptomatic infected person: female, 24 years old, kindergarten teacher, now living in Hairong Xingli community, Suifenhe city, is a close contact with the confirmed case Zhang xxx. On December 15, when the nucleic acid screening of close contacts under centralized observation was conducted, the nucleic acid test was positive, and the experts diagnosed the asymptomatic infected person. Now they have been transferred to designated medical institutions for isolated medical observation. The relevant departments have implemented isolation control measures for the cipherers and cipherers identified by them, and carried out final disinfection and closed management for the places where they had been active.