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[Introduction]: On May 24, the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters in Liwan district released the latest news: from the evening of the 23rd to 17:00 on the 24th, there were no new infected persons.

Latest epidemic situation:

From the evening of May 23 to 17:00 on 24th, there were no new infected persons. At present, 1 confirmed case (Guo MoU) and 1 asymptomatic infected person (Lu Mou) have been isolated and treated in Shanghai Eighth People’s Hospital.

Nucleic acid detection:

After four days of continuous investigation, as of 14:00 on May 24, 131226 samples were collected from key populations in key areas and 129758 nucleic acid tests had been completed,The results were all negative and no community transmission was found..

Flow adjustment:

Except for Guo’s husband Lu MOU, who was judged to be asymptomatic infected, the previous nucleic acid test results of other cipherers and sub-cipherers were all negative.


The general public are invited to continue to cooperate with the requirements of normalization prevention and control of the epidemic and strengthen personal daily protection. Those who have not yet received the new coronavirus pneumonia vaccine will be vaccinated at the nearest vaccination site as soon as possible.

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