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[Introduction]: 16 people were initially identified as close contacts, among which 7 people from the patient’s husband, children and other family members had negative nucleic acid test results.

Number and situation of close contacts:

As of 17:00 on May 21, the close contacts of the initially identified patients were16 people, all have been isolated and sampled centrally, among which the patient’s husband, children and other family members 7 nucleic acid test resultsAll are negative. It is not true that the family has been diagnosed online.

The initial identification of close contacts of close contacts, we call it a total of 67 people, all of which have been isolated and sampled, and 65 results have come out,All are negative. Others stay out.

Key places:

So far, a total of confirmedThere are 8 key places, all of which have taken strict control measures.At the same time, we will implement environmental elimination, organize and carry out comprehensive investigation and supervision of nearby pharmacies, clinics and other sentinel units, and urge operators to report relevant suspicious symptom personnel in a timely manner.

For key sites, the cumulative external environmental sampling is 135, and the results have been 84. Among them, in the patient’s home environment sampleTwo positive samples were detected, and the rest were negative..

Temporary nucleic acid sampling sites have been set up in relevant key places. By the end of the epidemic prevention and control press conference on May 21, 31818 samples have been collected throughout the city,3183 of them have already produced results, which are all negative..

Shanghai nucleic acid testing agency:

Up to now, there are 276 nucleic acid sampling sites and 131 nucleic acid testing institutions in Shanghai, reaching 750,000 per day check instrument, so it can completely meet the requirements of inspection, willing to check the inspection requirements.

>> List of Shanghai nucleic acid testing designated hospitals (address + Telephone + appointment entrance)

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