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[Introduction]: Shanghai overseas personnel (including Hong Kong and Taiwan, including transit passengers) strictly implement the closed-loop management measures of 14-day centralized isolation medical observation +7-day community health monitoring.

How to test the 7-day community health monitoring of Shanghai inbound personnel?

Shanghai inbound personnel (including Hong Kong and Taiwan areas, including transit passengers) who have completed 14 days of centralized isolation medical observation and nucleic acid test is negative will be converted to 7 days of closed-loop management measures for community health monitoring. After the immigration personnel are removed from isolation and returned to the community, the “three-person team” will implement community supervision and nucleic acid testing for another 7 days, and advise, such personnel are required to avoid participating in gathering activities during the 7-day community supervision period and to prevent the risk of “restoring Yang.

In addition, during the 7-day community health monitoring period, they are not allowed to participate in various collective activities, do not have dinner or gather, and report their health status according to Community requirements. Take the initiative to refuse others to visit. For Inbound Personnel, Shanghai police strengthened the docking with business, port and other departments, implemented the whole process management of inbound personnel, ensured that 100 percent of inbound personnel were registered and single-thread transshipment was carried out, and strictly prevented personnel from losing control and missing control.