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[Introduction]: Currently, there are 10 medium-risk areas in Xingtai of Hebei. Xingtai low-risk areas come to Shanghai to hold the health code Green code, and the body temperature test can normally travel, live and work.

Is it necessary to isolate the Xingtai of Hebei epidemic in Shanghai?

As of January 13, 2021, there were 10 epidemic risk areas in Xingtai of Hebei, namely Qingwang Hutong, youth Street, Nangong city, Xingtai city, North Xiaojie, Donghu neighborhood committee, Fenggang subdistrict office, Tiandi City community, tianyi Heyuan community, Hongxing community, Wenjing Mingyuan community, Shilipu neighborhood committee in the water side, Fenggang subdistrict office, Shijiazhuang Village in Dagao town.

Medium-risk areas: in principle, for those who have lived in areas with epidemic risks in the past 14 days, they have been observed for 14 days since they arrived in Guangdong, and nucleic acid testing was conducted on the day they arrived in Guangdong. Strictly implement the requirements for medical observation of home isolation, consciously accept community management, namely “four ones”, issue a health notice, conduct a health inquiry, check a health pass code, and test a nucleic acid.

Low-risk areas: for those who have a history of living in low-risk areas in the past 14 days, there is no need to be isolated. For effective epidemic prevention, personnel from Gaocheng district of Shijiazhuang city may need to cooperate with Epidemic prevention personnel for nucleic acid testing when coming to Shanghai.

➤ Xingtai city implements closed management in the whole region

From 0:00 to 10:00 on January 12, 21 new confirmed cases of covid-19 were added in Hebei, including 16 cases in Shijiazhuang (15 cases in Gaocheng district and 1 case in Development Zone) and 5 cases in Xingtai Nangong city.

To prevent the export of the epidemic, the whole area of Shijiazhuang city, Xingtai City and Langfang city is under closed management, and personnel and vehicles are not necessary to go out. Take stricter control measures for villages and residential areas in high-risk areas in the three cities, and continue to strictly control the flow of personnel. Take the most strict control measures in highway, railway, urban passenger transport, civil aviation, waterway and other aspects. Block large traffic, control small traffic, and resolutely prevent the flow of personnel in key areas, leading to the spread of the epidemic.

The close contacts and sub-close connections involving Nangong cases in Xingtai city have all taken centralized isolation measures.