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[Introduction]: the latest news of Fuyang, a confirmed case in Haizhu district, Shanghai: during the further investigation, through gene sequencing of the sample of the case, it was found that the strain belonged to a European strain, but not a British mutant. And the transmission risk of this case is low.

Is the confirmed case of Fuyang infectious in Haizhu district, Shanghai?

It is contagious, but the risk of transmission is low, so citizens do not have to panic.

On January 8, Huang Fei, deputy director of Shanghai provincial Health Committee and first-class inspector, introduced at the Shanghai epidemic prevention and control press conference that on January 6, Shanghai Haizhu District found that a confirmed case imported from overseas had nucleic acid test and recovered Yang, the disease control personnel screened 93 people from key groups such as close contacts of the Fuyang case, and the nucleic acid test results were all negative. Community Investigation and sampling and environmental sampling were carried out around the address of the case, and the test results were all negative. Comprehensive epidemiological investigation, laboratory testing, gene sequencing and other results are comprehensively analyzed, and experts judge that it belongs to the case of overseas input of Fuyang in xinguangpneumonia. According to the consensus of experts in Shanghai, the risk of transmission of patients with new coronavirus pneumonia after discharge from hospital is low.

Strengthen Personal Protection

Take masks with you, go to hospitals, stations, airports, shopping malls, supermarkets, farmers’ markets and other public places, take public transportation, Van elevators, and wear masks in a standard way. Develop good personal hygiene habits, wash hands frequently, gather less, observe cough etiquette, keep the social distance of “1 M noodles”, and use public chopsticks serving spoon and civilized dining. Families and workplaces should be ventilated frequently, cleaned frequently and disinfected frequently.