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[Introduction]: the list of fever clinics in Tianhe district, Shanghai has been published. Fever patients should go to designated fever medical institutions for treatment. For more information about the fever clinic location, Consultation telephone number, counterpart Street, etc., see the text form.

List of fever clinics in Tianhe district (updated on September 10, 2021)

Patients with fever in Tianhe district should visit the following designated fever medical institutions:

Serial Number hospital name Hospital Grade hospital address contact number 1 No. 600 Tianhe Road, Grade III, Grade III Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University No. 3, Grade III, Grade III, Grade III, grade A, Grade III, Grade III, Grade III, Grade III, Huangpu Road West, Grade III, Grade III, Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University no. 26, erheng Road, No. 1, No. 26, second-level unrated Dongpu Road, Tianhe District People’s Hospital, Shanghai No. 13, third-level unrated Huangpu Road, No. 1, West Tianqiang Road, No. 12th People’s Hospital, Shanghai 386695416 Chinese People’s Armed Police Force 17602003053/627846438 Shanghai women and children Medical Center (Zhujiang Hospital District) no. 9, Jinsui Road, grade 3, grade A, Shanghai Tianhe District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine level 2, No. 9, zhongtangshi Road, Huangpu Avenue no. 533, grade Guangdong Reclamation Road, No. 108, Tianhe Road, Grade II, Shanghai Renai Tianhe Hospital, No. 42, Qiquan Road, Shahe, Grade II, Shanghai Modern Hospital

Note: If you need to see a doctor, you can go to a nearby hospital!

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