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[Introduction]: On May 26, Shanghai Children’s Activity Center issued a notice of suspension of classes, and the courses on May 28-30 were suspended. Pay attention to the latest notice for the specific schedule of resumption of classes.

Suspension Time: The class will be suspended on May 28-30, and the class will be postponed.

Resumption Time: pay attention to the notice of specific resumption time arrangement

Notice of suspension:

Dear students and parents:

In order to ensure the health and safety of all teachers and students, according to the relevant epidemic prevention and control requirements of provinces and cities, the course of Shanghai Children’s Activity Center was suspended this week (May 28-30), and the class hours were postponed. Please pay close attention to the WeChat public account message push and resume notice of Shanghai Children’s Activity Center.

Shanghai Children’s Activity Center

May 26, 2021

Prevention and Control requirements:

1. Party members and cadres take the lead in fighting “epidemic”

During the course, the Party branch of the “center” called on all Party members and cadres to take turns to watch the entrance and exit, strictly implement the epidemic prevention work such as Suikang code inspection, mask wearing and temperature measurement, effectively build a prevention and control barrier for children who come to the “center” to learn.

2. Safety and elimination without dead ends

Attach great importance to the elimination of new coronavirus pneumonia, and regularly organize cleaning staff and some teaching staff to teach classrooms, desks, toilets, corridors, door handles, carry out comprehensive and thorough disinfection and cleaning work in stair handrail and other areas to ensure that the disinfection and killing work is fully covered, zero dead angle and seamless.

3. Strictly handle the safety door, and must be registered for entry and exit.

For outsiders visiting the “center”, strictly register the entry and exit. Check “Suikang code” and accept body temperature monitoring. People with abnormal body temperature or those who do not wear masks are not allowed to enter.

4. Full coverage of nucleic acid detection

The “center” strictly implements the attendance and health tracking management system for students and faculty members, timely grasps the health status of students and faculty members, and requires all faculty members to complete nucleic acid testing and vaccination. At the same time, make adequate preparations for epidemic prevention of all kinds of materials.

5. Strengthen publicity and guidance, and strengthen the awareness of epidemic prevention

The “center” continuously strengthens the propaganda of epidemic prevention, and makes full use of the official website of the “center”, official micro-signals, class groups, electronic screen and other methods, through the small knowledge of epidemic prevention, a letter to all teachers, “A letter to parents of all students” and other publicity and popularization of epidemic prevention and control knowledge, positive publicity and guidance, timely publicity of publicity and publicity knowledge on epidemic prevention and control measures, Popular Science, vaccination and infectious disease prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia, guide the masses to do not believe in the rumor, not spread the rumor, not spread the rumor, scientific understanding, rational response.

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