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[Introduction]: On May 21, after the review of the CDC, the suspected positive person in Liwan was diagnosed as a mild patient with newly diagnosed coronavirus combined with clinical symptoms.

Report at 18: 00 on May 21 in Liwan:

For confirmed cases.

On May 21, Shanghai epidemic prevention and control press conference introduced:

The patient, female, 75 years old, felt uncomfortable on May 18 and took cough medicine for treatment. She developed low fever the next day. She walked to the fever clinic of Liwan District Central Hospital on the afternoon of May 20, the fever clinic conducted nucleic acid tests and reported positive screening results that night. On May 21, after a review by the CDC, the result was positive,Mild patients diagnosed with covid-19 combined with clinical symptoms. The patient has been transferred to Shanghai Eighth People’s Hospital for isolation treatment.

Liwan informed on the morning of May 21:

On May 20, Liwan district found a suspected positive person of coronavirus nucleic acid in the investigation of fever outpatient service in medical institutions.

On the afternoon of May 20, Guo walked to Liwan District Central Hospital for treatment due to discomfort. In the early morning of May 21, the nucleic acid test was positive. The suspected person is now quarantined in the Central Hospital of Liwan district. Seven close contacts for preliminary investigation have been isolated, and the nucleic acid test results are all negative.

Relevant matters are notified as follows:

Please follow the notice and arrangement of community staff in the Jinlong community of Longjin Street in Liwan district and the citizens living and working nearby to conduct nucleic acid testing in an orderly manner according to the principle of “inspection should be completed.

Before the nucleic acid test results are issued, citizens in the above areas should not go out for the time being and do not participate in gathering activities for the time being. If there is any discomfort, they should go to the outpatient service of the nearest hospital in time.