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[Introduction]: In the early morning of May 21, the Liwan District prevention and control office contacted the district CDC to report the epidemic situation urgently. Liwan district has taken measures such as overnight investigation, nucleic acid detection and closed management for key areas of key population.

Measures taken by Liwan district to deal with key areas of key population:

First, overnight investigation.

In the early morning of May 21, according to the provincial and municipal work deployment, through the on-site investigation of the public security big data and the flow Adjustment Team, a comprehensive investigation was carried out on Guo’s travel track.

The second is nucleic acid detection.

There are 7 nucleic acid detection sites in Liwan district, which are: Before and after chengguangyi square, Heye square, Fubang square, Longjin Huafu, Liwan Gymnasium, overseas Chinese College of Finance and Economics, and Vanke Jin Se Liyuan. As of 15:00 on May 21, 26506 samples of key population in key areas had been collected, of which 2903 nucleic acid tests were negative, and the rest of the results were pending.

The third is closed management.

Closed management has been adopted for 8 activity sites of cases. At the same time, we will implement environmental elimination, organize and carry out comprehensive investigation and supervision of nearby pharmacies, clinics and other sentinel units, and urge operators to report relevant suspicious symptom personnel in a timely manner.

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