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[Introduction]: Huangpu District decided to appropriately relax the business activities of catering service units in the whole district from June 18. Among them, all social catering units resumed part of the hall food service.

Huangpu district new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters

Notice on appropriately relaxing the business activities of catering service units

(No. 5)

In order to further implement the epidemic prevention and control accurately and scientifically, according to the current situation of epidemic prevention and control in our district, we hereby announce the following matters on appropriately relaxing the business activities of catering service units in our district:

I. All social catering units in the whole district resume part of the hall food service, and the actual number of dining tables in the lobby shall not exceed 70% of the usual.

2. Catering venues must scan the code (“pass Health Code”) to enter the site. Before the exclusive “traffic Health Code” in the non-cost place, it is necessary to register the information of the entry personnel. For those who do not use intelligent communication equipment, they can generate their own “health code” for declaration by relatives or residents (village) committee and property service enterprises, and print and carry it with them, scan the code to check when entering the dining place.

3. Customers are required to wear masks at taking temperature.

4. Provide serving spoon public chopsticks with no more than 10 people per table. After each batch of customers eat at each table, the dining unit shall disinfect the tables and chairs.

The above prevention and control measures are dynamically adjusted according to the epidemic risk assessment results. This notice shall come into force as of the date of issuance.

New coronavirus pneumonia in Huangpu district

Epidemic prevention and control headquarters

June 18, 2021

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