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[Introduction]: the Notice on carrying out nucleic acid detection for all employees in Heyuan community, Baihedong Street, Liwan district clearly stipulates that a nucleic acid test is scheduled for all residents of Heyuan community on July 6.

Notice on carrying out nucleic acid testing for all employees in Heyuan community, Baihedong Street, Liwan district

prevention and control [2021] No. 33

Dear Resident friends of Heyuan community:

With the active cooperation and joint efforts of all residents, Heyuan community resumed external personnel and traffic traffic on June 30, and implemented the same prevention and control measures as other areas in Fangcun district. According to the requirements of No. 21 circular of Shanghai new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters, “after the implementation of the above management measures for 7 days, timely adjustment will be made after evaluation, it is scheduled to conduct a nucleic acid test on all residents of Heyuan community on July 6 to prepare for the implementation of the announcement No. 23 of Shanghai new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters in Fangcun district, which meets the normal epidemic prevention and control conditions. We hereby announce the work arrangement and precautions for this nucleic acid test as follows:

I. Please follow the notice and guidelines of the staff of the community neighborhood committee to arrive at the designated place in an orderly manner to carry out nucleic acid testing, so as to ensure that no one household is left, no one is missing. Residents who belong to the door-to-door sampling range please wait patiently for the staff to check on the door.

2. Please bring your ID card when testing, and take the initiative to show “Guangdong health code” and “sampling information QR code” so as to quickly and efficiently check and test. Wear masks all the way, keep an interval of more than 1 meter with others, do not talk, do not gather, and follow the guidance of on-site staff.

3. After sampling nucleic acid in different periods, leave the sampling site as soon as possible and strictly implement personal protective measures according to the requirements.

All residents and friends are invited to strictly abide by relevant provisions such as the law of the People’s Republic of China on the prevention and control of infectious diseases, opinions on punishing illegal crimes for preventing and controlling the infection of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus according to law, actively cooperate with the staff to do a good job in information registration and sample collection. For those who interfere with or hinder sample collection, the public security organ will strictly investigate the legal responsibility according to law.

We will fight the epidemic together. Thank you for your every effort to prevent and control the epidemic!

New coronavirus pneumonia in Liwan district, Shanghai

Epidemic prevention and control headquarters

July 5, 2021

Notification on Conducting PCR Testing for Everyone in Heyuan Community ofBaihedong Street of Liwan District

Liwan COVID-19 Prevention and Control(2021)NO. 33

With the active cooperation and concerted efforts of all residents, HeyuanCommunity lifted all travel restrictions and started to implement the COVID-19measures compatible with other parts of Fangcun on June 30. In accordance withthe requirement of “making appropriate adjustments upon evaluation afterimplementing the measures for 7 days” by Notice No.21 of Guangzhou MunicipalCOVID-19 Control and Prevention Command Center we have decided that a universalPCR testing will be conducted for all residents in Heyuan Community, so as toprepare Fangcun for meeting the conditions of regular epidemic control measuresand implement Notice No.23. We hereby notify relevant arrangements andprecautions as follows:

1. All residents should follow the notification and instructions of thestaff of your Neighborhood Committee and arrive at the designated testingstation to receive PCR tests according to the set schedule in an orderly manner.Make sure that every household and everyone is tested. Residents who need tohave their samples collected at home should wait for the arrival of staff.

2. Please bring your ID when going to the testing site and voluntarilypresent your “Yuekang Code” and “sample collection QR code” to facilitatespeedy, efficient inspection and testing. Please wear a mask at all times andkeep a distance of at least 1 meter away from others. Please refrain fromtalking or gathering and follow the instructions of the staff on site.

3. After your sample has been collected for PCR testing, please leave thetesting site as soon as possible.

All residents should strictly follow stipulations in Law of the People’sRepublic of China on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases andOpinions on Punishing Criminal and Illegal Activities that Hinder the Preventionand Control of COVID-19, collaborate with staff in information registration andsample collection. Those who disrupt or hinder sample collection will be heldlegally responsible by the public security departments.

Let’s work in solidarity to fight against COVID-19.

Guangzhou Liwan District COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command Center

July 5, 2021