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[Introduction]: According to Haizhu disease control, a confirmed case imported from overseas was found to be positive after discharge from hospital in Haizhu district, and the result was negative after the second review by the provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The test results of nucleic acid samples from close contacts, key groups and surrounding environment are all negative.

Nucleic acid detection:

1. Imported confirmed cases abroad

After entering the United Kingdom on November 14, 202020. after entering the country, it was tested positive and sent to Shanghai Eighth People’s Hospital for treatment. After being clinically cured and isolated in the hospital for 14 days, it was discharged after being tested negative for nucleic acid, returned to live in Nanzhou Street, Haizhu district. On January 3, nucleic acid test was negative on the 14th day after discharge.

On January 5th, the epidemic situation was monitored according to provincial and municipal requirements. On January 6th, the city CDC tested positive for coronavirus nucleic acid, which was transferred to the Eighth People’s Hospital of Shanghai for isolation treatment.

On January 7, the results of the second review by the provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention were negative.

2. Close contacts and key groups

At present, close contacts and key groups have been sampled and isolated. And carry out community investigation sampling and environmental sampling around the address of the case. The above sampling nucleic acid test results are all negative.

Risk level of Haizhu District:

Low risk (as of 15:00 on January 7, 2021)

Risk level of Shanghai:

By 15:00 on January 7, 2021, 11 districts in Shanghai were all low-risk areas.