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[Introduction]: On the morning of July 8, 2021, 6 confirmed patients were discharged from the 8th Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Medical University. So far, the local epidemic in Shanghai has been cleared.

According to the news of Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, on the morning of July 8, 2021, according to the discharge standard of the new coronavirus pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan of the National Health Commission, after expert evaluation, six confirmed patients were discharged from No. 8 hospital affiliated to Shanghai Medical University (hereinafter referred to as No. 8 hospital). So far, the local epidemic in Shanghai has been cleared.

All patients in this round of epidemic are discharged from hospital without death.

At the peak, there were 10 critically ill patients.

As of July 8, the local infection of Shanghai Xinguan pneumonia has been added for 19 consecutive days, and the total number of 153 reported local infection cases has been admitted to eight hospitals in the city. Due to the large number of elderly cases with underlying diseases in this round of epidemic, the number of critically ill patients in hospital once reached as many as 10. Eight hospitals in the City insist on taking people’s health as the center and actively carry out medical treatment. On June 27, all critically ill and critically ill patients in this round of epidemic were cleared; On July 8, all patients infected in hospital, including those who were once critically ill and critically ill patients, were cleared. In this round of epidemic in Shanghai, no infected person died.

Clear behind

Three-level joint treatment expert group implements precise rescue

In response to the local epidemic caused by the Delta variant of the new coronavirus in this period, Shanghai has decisively implemented synchronous delivery, simultaneous review, synchronized flow adjustment, the “four synchronization” disposal mechanism of synchronous control, and build a centralized treatment platform centered on eight hospitals in cities, and set up a national, provincial and municipal three-level joint treatment expert group to manage medical treatment, severe cases, hospital sense, breathing, nursing, spirit, rehabilitation and other professional and capable forces are effectively integrated to implement precise rescue for different types of patients.

For critically ill and critically ill patients, continuously strengthen the allocation of treatment teams, closely monitor the physical signs of each patient, carefully deduct each drug for each indicator, fully pre-study the changes of the disease, and take intervention measures in advance, improve the quality of treatment to the greatest extent; For elderly patients and patients with severe tendency, closely observe the changes of the disease condition, conduct targeted early intervention, and make every effort to prevent mild diseases from turning into severe cases; For children patients, equipped with pediatric professional doctors and nurses, we should do a good job in diagnosis and treatment with infectious diseases department and respiratory doctors in the ward, strengthen children’s psychological care and implement Children’s Specialized Nursing.

In the process of treatment, eight hospitals in the city insisted on the treatment of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, strengthened the use of plasma in recovery period of patients with new crown, and actively explored antibody treatment methods according to the demonstration opinions of professional experts; and promote the physical and mental recovery of patients through early intervention of rehabilitation therapy, strengthening psychotherapy and nutritional support.

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