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[Introduction]: On June 13, Shanghai Municipal Health Commission announced the key areas and places involved in the new coronavirus infection during June 7-11, as well as the risk period, including 2 in Haizhu district.

Key areas and places involved in coronavirus infection in Haizhu district from June 7-11

No. Zone name risk time period 1 Guangzhou paper football field, Dongwu Street, Guangzhou paper, Haizhu district, May 27-June 5 2 Barber Shop, No. 36, Fengyang community, Jiangtai Road, Haizhu district, May 28-June 1

Note: the above key areas and places are updated regularly according to the epidemic risk assessment results.

I. Please contact the staff of the nearest street (community) at the relevant key areas and places immediately during the risk period mentioned in the attachment, and take joint residents to the nearest nucleic acid detection site for free nucleic acid detection, and actively cooperate with epidemiological investigation.

Second, individuals should bring their ID cards when they go to the nucleic acid test site, and take personal protective measures such as wearing masks to avoid taking public transportation. Please observe the on-site Order of the test site, and do not talk or gather, keep a distance of more than one meter.


Q: The health code is “Yellow Code” and has been tested for nucleic acid before. Do you still need to test it? Can you enter the hospital for testing with the “Yellow Code?

A: If you do not perform nucleic acid testing within 72 hours before receiving the text message, for the health of yourself and others, please do personal protection within 24 hours after receiving the message, go to the nearest temporary sampling point (or medical institution) as soon as possible for nucleic acid detection. Citizens can enter medical institutions for nucleic acid testing by receiving prompt messages.

Q: The health code is “Yellow Code”. How can the nucleic acid test result be quickly transferred back to the green code?

Answer: The community centralized nucleic acid detection point and medical institutions will upload the test results as soon as possible. You can also consult the community or medical institutions about the progress of the test results. Please wait patiently.

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