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[Introduction]: Shanghai Zengcheng District Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued the “proposal for epidemic prevention and control in winter and spring”, which suggested that family private parties and dinners should be minimized during the Spring Festival.

At present, the global epidemic of covid-19 is accelerating, and virus mutations are found in many countries. The domestic epidemic is sporadic and partially aggregated, and the prevention and control situation is grim. As the Spring Festival is approaching, the flow of people and Logistics Plus-sized, the gathering of personnel will increase, and the risk of epidemic input and transmission will increase. In order to prevent and control the epidemic in winter and spring, especially during the Spring Festival, and to ensure people’s life safety and health,

Shanghai Zengcheng District Center for Disease Control and Prevention Initiative:

1. Reduce personnel mobility

Advocate in-place Spring Festival and minimize travel. If not necessary, do not go to domestic and high-risk areas and overseas areas. If you really need to go out, please report to your village (community) and unit in advance, wear masks correctly throughout the whole process, do personal protection on the way, and try not to go to crowded and closed places.

2. Avoid personnel gathering

During the Spring Festival, large-scale collective activities are not organized, and the passenger flow of scenic spots and entertainment places should not exceed 75% of the maximum carrying capacity, so as to reduce group gathering activities such as wedding banquets; Try to reduce family private parties and dinners, the number of people is controlled below 10, and those with respiratory symptoms such as flu cannot participate.

3. Strengthen personal protection

Take masks with you, go to hospitals, stations, airports, shopping malls, supermarkets, farmers’ markets and other public places, take public transportation, Van elevators, and wear masks in a standard way. Develop good personal hygiene habits, wash hands frequently, gather less, observe cough etiquette, keep the social distance of “1 M noodles”, and use public chopsticks serving spoon and civilized dining. Families and workplaces should be ventilated frequently, cleaned frequently and disinfected frequently.

4. Strengthen food safety

Try to buy frozen food in regular shopping malls and supermarkets. Pay attention to personal protection when purchasing and cooking. Wear masks and gloves to avoid direct contact with hands. Wash hands with soap or hand sanitizer in time afterwards, do not touch the mouth, nose, eyes and other parts before washing hands. Do not purchase imported cold chain food without qualification certificate or online frozen food. Food is cooked separately, cooked and steamed thoroughly, and do not omophagia meat, Sea (water) products and other foods.

5. Timely and correct treatment

In winter and spring, respiratory infectious diseases and intestinal infectious diseases occur frequently. Once symptoms such as fatigue, fever and dry cough occur, please wear a mask and go to the fever clinic of the nearest hospital (Health Center) at the first time, fever patients are not allowed to go to Village (community) clinics or individual clinics. When seeing a doctor, they should truthfully inform the medical staff of the history of going out to live and the contact situation of personnel. Remember that they should not purchase fever-reducing drugs privately, so as not to delay the “golden” opportunity for medical treatment.

6. Participate in epidemic prevention and control

There are no bystanders in the epidemic and no outsiders in the prevention and control. Everyone should believe in the government and actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work, without panic, rumor, rumor or rumor. Let’s join hands and work together to build a solid line of defense and celebrate the Spring Festival!