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[Introduction]: The Ministry of Culture and Tourism reminds: reduce unnecessary travel during New Year’s Day and Spring Festival, do not travel abroad, and do not travel to high-risk areas in China!

Update Time: 10:28, 1230, 202020

Latest policy:

On 2020.12.29, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism reminded

During the New Year’s Day and Spring Festival holidays, China will not resume the inbound and outbound team travel of travel agencies and online tourism enterprises and the business of “air tickets + hotels; continue to implement policies such as the number of tourists in the scenic spot does not exceed 75% of the maximum carrying capacity. Reminder: reduce unnecessary travel during New Year’s Day and Spring Festival. Do not travel to high-risk areas in China!

Source: CCTV News

| Implement personal protection measures on New Year’s Day

1. Strict personal protection. Guide the public to wear masks scientifically, and require the whole process of wearing masks in closed places such as public transport, elevators, etc. Be careful to wash your hands frequently, and cover up when coughing or sneezing.   2. Reduce personnel gathering. Maintain a social distance of more than 1 meter. We advocate that family private parties and dinners should be controlled below 10 people, and personal protection should be done. If there are symptoms such as flu, we should try not to participate. Try not to go to places where people gather, especially closed places.

3. Strengthen ventilation and disinfection. Open windows and ventilate the room frequently to keep the air circulating. The frequency of ventilation, disinfection and other measures should be increased during the festivals of transportation stations and vehicles to guide and reduce the walking and gathering of people in vehicles.

4. Do a good job of vaccination for key groups. Carry out new coronavirus vaccination for people with high risk of infection, personnel in key positions to maintain the operation of the city, etc.

Shanghai epidemic prevention measures on New Year’s Day

No need to isolate people

1. Low-risk areas in China: For those who have a history of living in low-risk areas in the past 14 days, those who come to Guangdong and return to Guangdong have a health code Green code and normal body temperature detection do not need to be isolated.

2. Macao laisui personnel: since July 15, 202020, the personnel entering Shanghai province from Guangdong-Macao port will no longer be subject to centralized isolation for 14 days of medical observation. Before entering the country, you must go to a qualified testing institution approved by Guangdong and Macao to receive nucleic acid testing in advance, and log on to the “Macao health code” and switch to the “Guangdong health code” within 24 hours before entering the country “, complete the customs health declaration and obtain the” customs clearance certificate “of Guangdong health code”.

People to be isolated

1. Domestic high-risk areas: conduct 14-day centralized isolation medical observation for those who come to Guangdong and return to Guangdong who have a history of living in high-risk areas in the past 14 days, and conduct coronavirus nucleic acid detection on the 1st and 14th days, relevant agencies and communities are responsible for strict control of relevant personnel.

2. Domestic medium-risk areas: for those who have lived in areas at risk in recent 14 days, in principle, they have been observed for 14 days since they arrived in Guangdong, and nucleic acid testing was conducted on the day they arrived in Guangdong. Strictly implement the requirements for medical observation of home isolation, consciously accept community management, namely “four ones”, issue a health notice, conduct a health inquiry, check a health pass code, and test a nucleic acid.

3. Hong Kong, Taiwan and foreign entry personnel: all entry personnel through Shanghai port (including Hong Kong and Taiwan, including transit passengers), as the target of prevention and control, the personnel who came from other domestic ports and had a history of living outside China (including foreign countries, Hong Kong and Taiwan regions) within 14 days before coming to Sui shall carry out full coverage of nucleic acid detection, and centralized isolation medical observation for 14 days, centralized isolation of accommodation costs from.

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