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[Introduction]: On June 1, Shanghai held a news conference on epidemic prevention and control. At the meeting, Shanghai CDC made it clear that the second dose of vaccination will be given priority after large-scale vaccination is resumed.

On June 1, Shanghai held a news conference on epidemic prevention and control.

Shanghai has suspended vaccination since May 30, so what impact will it have on those citizens who need a second shot? Do you have any suggestions for citizens to receive vaccines?

Zhang Zhoubin, deputy director of Shanghai CDC, explained:

1. At present, the most important thing is to put out this unprecedented epidemic as soon as possible, which requires a large number of medical staff to participate.

“It is not easy to fight in two lines. We need to concentrate our superior forces to ensure that the epidemic is put out in the shortest time.”

2. Under the current situation of prevention and control, reducing the gathering of personnel is also a very important means for epidemic prevention and control.

“Because of the epidemic, citizens’ willingness to vaccinate is high, and many citizens queue up at the scene without appointment, resulting in a certain degree of gathering, and the situation of gathering at individual vaccination sites is serious. In order to avoid unnecessary possible infection risks, we also need to take some adjustments.”

3. From vaccination to antibody production, coupled with individual differences, it may take more than ten or twenty days or even longer to produce immunity against diseases.

“That is to say, you are anxious to queue up for vaccination recently, which is actually not helpful to resist the risk of being infected by the epidemic.”

For the above reasons, Shanghai has suspended personal appointments and social contacts, but group appointments and group appointments have not stopped for key positions in key industries.

According to the technical guidelines for the vaccination of coronavirus (first edition), the vaccination interval of inactivated coronavirus Vaccine (Vero cells) is 3-8 weeks. If the vaccination is not completed according to the procedure, it is recommended to replant as soon as possible. The immune program does not need to be restarted, and the corresponding dose can be completed after replanting.

“It is not only the strong desire of citizens to carry out large-scale population vaccination, but also the need for us to establish a population immune barrier as soon as possible.” After the epidemic is controlled, Shanghai will resume large-scale vaccination as soon as possible.”For citizens who have completed the first dose and have not completed the second dose, we will give priority to the citizens who have received the second dose after recovery.

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