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[Introduction]: during the further investigation, Shanghai provincial health committee found that the strain belonged to a European strain but not a British mutant by gene sequencing of Haizhu Fuyang case samples.

The case reported by Haizhu district of Shanghai infected European strains, not British variants.

Huang Fei, deputy director and deputy secretary of the Shanghai provincial health committee, said that the case was imported from the UK, and the admission and discharge from the hospital were closed-loop management. After being discharged from hospital, the test was negative on January 3, the nucleic acid was positive after being reviewed by Shanghai CDC on the 6th, and the provincial disease control review on the 7th was negative. 93 people were closely connected and tested for total Yin, and more than 60 environmental samples were all negative.

Shanghai provincial health and health committee has carried out gene sequencing. This case is a European strain and does not belong to the British variant. The judgment is an overseas imported case of Fuyang. No follow-up infection has been found in the close connection of Fuyang cases in Shanghai province.

For the case of Fuyang, the test results on January 3 and January 7 were all consistent negative, and the test results of their parents were also negative. On January 6, the test result of the sample was also negative for the home environment of the case. According to the comprehensive evaluation, experts believe that the transmission risk of this case is relatively low. However, in order to further carry out risk prevention and control, Shanghai will also further observe and track the case and its contacts.