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[Introduction]: On July 20, the Office of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters in Huadu district released a letter to friends of the residents in the whole district! Please actively cooperate with us to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.

At present, the overseas epidemic continues to spread, especially delta virus variants with faster transmission speed and higher viral load are raging around the world, and the epidemic prevention and control situation at home and abroad is still grim and complicated. Huadu District is located at the location of the airport, with dense passenger flow, logistics and business flow from abroad, complicated people, things and environment. The task of “foreign defense input” is very arduous.

I. Active reporting

If you are engaged in commercial services, cleaning, handling, transportation and other positions in the airport that may contact overseas personnel and inbound goods, please take the initiative to report to the village (residence) committee, cooperate with relevant prevention and control measures.

II. Conscious monitoring

Please pay close attention to the health status of yourself and your family, and compare the “Top Ten” clinical manifestations of covid-19 pneumonia (fever, dry cough, fatigue, impaired smell and taste, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, conjunctivitis, myalgia, diarrhea) self-health monitoring. Continue to maintain good living habits such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, getting together less, and not gathering.

III. Timely medical treatment

If the above symptoms of discomfort occur, please wear a mask to the nearby medical institution with fever clinic. During this period, avoid taking public transportation and try to avoid contact with others. When seeing a doctor, you should take the initiative to inform the doctor about your occupation, recent residence history, contact history of similar symptom cases, etc.