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[Introduction]: the latest news of Shanghai New Crown vaccine: On the afternoon of June 6, Shanghai opened the appointment channel for the second dose of new Crown virus vaccine. Previously, Shanghai concentrated advantageous medical resources to carry out nucleic acid investigation. Individual vaccination was suspended for a period of time and is now reopened.

Shanghai Open to make an appointment for the second dose of the new coronavirus vaccine

On June 7, at a news conference on epidemic prevention and control in Shanghai, Zhang Zhoubin, deputy director of Shanghai CDC, responded to the issue of appointment for vaccination of the second dose of vaccine.

Opening time:

On the afternoon of June 6, Shanghai opened the exclusive appointment channel for the second dose of the new Crown vaccine.

Appointment vaccination target:

Citizens in non-closed control management areas can make an appointment for vaccination if they meet the following two conditions:

First, the first dose of the new Crown vaccine was given in Shanghai;

The second is that the inoculation time exceeds 21 days.

How to make an appointment:

Pay attention to the WeChat mini program of “Shanghai health Tong”. After entering, click “New Crown vaccination appointment”. Eligible vaccination personnel will see their own exclusive appointment channel.


“After the appointment is successful, please do personal protection at the appointed time and go to the site for vaccination”. No vaccination is allowed without appointment, no number is allowed on the site, and citizens do not need to wait for seedlings with equal signs on the site.

Note: The system is unstable recently. If you cannot enter the reservation, you can try again later!

Special reminder:

1. Cross-region vaccination is not allowed. The second dose reservation location needs to be within the same administrative area as the first dose location;

2. The appointment service is open to the masses in low-risk areas, without appointment or vaccination;

3. People who have been to the closed control management area after May 20 or have had any symptoms of fever over 37.3, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, loss of smell and taste, diarrhea, A negative certificate of the new Crown nucleic acid test after June 6 is required.

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