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[Introduction]: in the near future, Shanghai Yuexiu District will carry out emergency drills for screening new coronavirus nucleic acid in a large population, and 11 streets will organize emergency drills for screening new coronavirus nucleic acid.

This week (from January 18 to January 21, 2021), Yuexiu district launched a large-scale emergency drill for coronavirus nucleic acid screening. To this end, the Office of the leading group for epidemic prevention and control in Yuexiu district issued a notice, as follows:

The general public of all relevant departments and relevant streets:

In order to implement the strategy of “external prevention and input, internal prevention and rebound” of the new Crown pneumonia epidemic, further strengthen the prevention and control work of the new Crown pneumonia epidemic in winter and spring, and do a good job of nucleic acid detection for all employees quickly, efficiently and orderly, comprehensively improve the actual combat capability of nucleic acid Emergency Detection for large-scale population, and effectively guarantee the health and life safety of the people.

According to the approval of the District’s new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters, the streets below our district will organize the new coronavirus pneumonia nucleic acid screening emergency drill this week.

At the drill site, there will be participating vehicles and personnel gathering to the drill area, wearing medical protective equipment, and implementing personnel control. Please do not panic, maintain normal work and life order, and do not spread rumors, rumor, rumor, so as not to cause adverse social impact.

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