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[Introduction]: overseas students returning to Shanghai from abroad need to be isolated for 21 days, that is, 14 days of centralized isolation medical observation +7 days of community health monitoring closed-loop management measures.

The 14-day isolation period for overseas students in Shanghai has been extended to 21 days.

Shanghai further improved the epidemic prevention and control measures and continued the overseas epidemic input prevention and control policies. Inbound personnel from ports in Shanghai (including overseas students, including Hong Kong and Taiwan, including transit passengers) are treated equally, regardless of destination, all strictly implement the closed-loop management measures of 14-day centralized isolation medical observation +7-day community health monitoring, and carry out nucleic acid tests on the 1st, 7th, 14th and 21st days after entry, centralized isolation and accommodation costs are self-care. If it meets the management conditions of home health services, it shall be implemented in accordance with relevant regulations.

“14+7” isolation policy personnel scope:

All foreign immigrants Hong Kong immigrants Taiwan immigrants

If the nucleic acid test is negative for 14 consecutive days in Macao, you can travel freely in Shanghai. Different from Hong Kong and Taiwan, the “14+7” isolation policy needs to be implemented.