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[Introduction]: according to the epidemic risk inquiry system of the State Council, the risk levels of all districts in Shanghai are low-risk, and the epidemic prevention and control has entered the normalized management.

Risk level of Shanghai epidemic in January 2021:

High-risk areas: None

Medium risk region: None

Low risk areas: Yuexiu district, Haizhu district, Liwan district, Tianhe district, Baiyun district, Huangpu district, Huadu district, Panyu District, Nansha district, Conghua district, Zengcheng district

District risk classification Yuexiu District low risk Haizhu District low risk Liwan district low risk Tianhe district low risk Baiyun District low risk Huangpu District low risk Huadu District low risk Panyu district low risk Nansha District low risk Conghua district low risk Zengcheng district low risk

Do you still need to wear masks when going out in low-risk areas?

Low-risk areas do not mean that there is no risk. Some areas have just been adjusted from high-risk and medium-risk levels to low-risk levels. Residents in these areas still need to do personal protection at ordinary times. On the one hand, reduce unnecessary crowd gathering. It is recommended to wear masks when going to crowded places. When returning to work and returning to Labor, divide the work and spread the meal. If you need to wear masks correctly and shorten working hours as much as possible when working in a closed place, and do a good job of self-health monitoring, now it is in the alternate season of winter and spring, and after returning to normal production and life, people in low-risk areas will inevitably suffer from headache and cold. Once symptoms such as cough and fever occur, they should not only wear masks, but also go to designated medical institutions as soon as possible.