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[Introduction]: On January 7, “Shanghai epidemic” and “Shanghai Haizhu” rushed to the hot search. At 4 pm that day, Haizhu district CDC issued a document explaining the latest situation.

Updated on: January 14, 2021.

Children in Liwan first kindergarten were closely connected to Haizhu Fuyang case, and the nucleic acid test was negative.

According to the news from the education bureau of Liwan district of Shanghai on January 13, 2021, recently, some netizens discussed that a child in Liwan district of Shanghai was in close contact with Fuyang case in Haizhu district. On the evening of January 13, shanghai Liwan district education bureau explained the relevant situation in its WeChat public account. The details are as follows:

Recently, a netizen discussed that a child in Liwan district is a close contact with the case of Fuyang in Haizhu district. The relevant situation is described as follows:

On January 7, 2021, Liwan district received a report and screened the close contact of a four-person child playing Wujie kindergarten in Liwan district of Shanghai for the case of Fuyang in Haizhu district (the patient of Fuyang had been negative for the second review by the provincial CDC on January 7, after comprehensive evaluation, experts believe that the transmission risk of this case is low, and it has been removed from isolation by Shanghai Eighth People’s Hospital on January 9).

On January 7, four people in the child’s family had implemented health management. On the same day and January 10, four people were tested for nucleic acid samples, and the results were all negative. Currently, health management continues to be implemented in accordance with the standard requirements. The kindergarten also strictly implements various prevention and control measures.

Remind everyone to wear masks scientifically, wash their hands frequently, always get wind, not believe in rumors, and not spread rumors.

Shanghai Haizhu Fuyang case has low transmission risk

On January 7, Shanghai Haizhu District found a case of recovered positive after the occurrence of a confirmed case imported from overseas. During the further investigation, through gene sequencing of the sample of this case, it was found that the strain belonged to a European strain, but it is not a British mutant. Based on the results of epidemiology and gene sequencing, it is judged that this case is a case of overseas imported cases and recovered Yang. According to the consensus of Shanghai experts, the risk of Reyang transmission after discharge from hospital is low.

During the screening process, 93 people were screened and tracked for key groups such as close contacts of this case, and the test results were all negative. 69 samples of the living environment of the case were sampled, and the test results were also negative.

Description of epidemic situation in Haizhu district:

According to the latest news from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Haizhu district, on January 6, 2021, a confirmed case imported from overseas was found to be positive after discharge from hospital in Haizhu district, Shanghai. The new Crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters in Haizhu district immediately started emergency response. The case was a person who entered the UK on November 14, 202020. after entering the country, he was tested positive and sent to Shanghai No. 8 People’s Hospital for treatment. After being clinically cured, he was isolated and observed in the hospital for 14 days and was discharged after the nucleic acid test was negative, returned to live in Nanzhou Street, Haizhu district. On January 3, nucleic acid test was negative on the 14th day after discharge. On January 5th, the epidemic situation was monitored according to provincial and municipal requirements. On January 6th, the city CDC tested positive for coronavirus nucleic acid, which was transferred to the Eighth People’s Hospital of Shanghai for isolation treatment. On January 7, the results of the second review by the provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention were negative.

Through epidemiological investigation, close contacts and key populations have been sampled and isolated. And carry out community investigation sampling and environmental sampling around the address of the case. The above sampling nucleic acid test results are all negative.

Haizhu district CDC reminds the general public, please do a good job of personal protection, wear masks scientifically, wash hands frequently, keep the wind frequently, keep social distance, and cooperate with health monitoring.

Figure Source: Haizhu health