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[Introduction]: Recently, Shanghai released the latest notice: Family private parties and dinners are generally controlled below 10 people. Recently, neighbors should pay attention to controlling the number of people when they go to restaurants and restaurants for dinner.

Shanghai’s latest notice: up to 10 people at dinner

On May 21, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Commerce issued the notice of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Commerce on doing a good job in the prevention and control of the new coronavirus epidemic in the accommodation and catering industry.

The notice pointed out that the epidemic situation in neighboring countries and regions still showed a trend of outbreak and spread recently, and the pressure of foreign defense input in Shanghai continued plus-sized. There are many accommodation and catering places in Shanghai, with dense personnel and high mobility, which is prone to outbreak of clustering epidemic.

Therefore, the city’s accommodation and catering industry employees are required to do a good job of vaccination, and emphasize that the reception of family private parties and dinners are generally controlled below 10 people.

Latest report on Shanghai epidemic

On May 21, Shanghai held a news conference on epidemic prevention and control. According to the latest report, a new confirmed case of local covid-19 in Shanghai is a 75-year-old female who is diagnosed with mild covid-19 combined with clinical symptoms.

On May 20, Liwan district found a suspected positive person of coronavirus nucleic acid in the investigation of fever outpatient service in medical institutions. Guo MOU, female, 75 years old, lives in Jinlong community, Longjin Street. On the afternoon of May 20, Guo walked to Liwan District Central Hospital for treatment due to discomfort. In the early morning of May 21, the nucleic acid test was positive. The suspected person is now quarantined in the Central Hospital of Liwan district. After receiving the report, the Xinguan pneumonia prevention and control headquarters of Liwan district immediately started the epidemic disposal mechanism, set up a joint flow adjustment expert team, and comprehensively and carefully carried out epidemiological investigation. Seven close contacts for preliminary investigation have been isolated, and the nucleic acid test results are all negative.

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